Trek Bicycle, NICA Offer Scholarship to Increase Diversity in Youth Mountain Biking

Global bike leader, Trek Bicycle, in partnership with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), has introduced the Pathfinders Scholarship, to bring greater diversity, equity and inclusion to youth mountain biking.

“By teaming up with NICA to launch the Pathfinders Scholarship, we have high hopes that this program will not only broaden the access to mountain biking but also help attract kids from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities of the country, exposing youth to the joy of cycling and creating life-long riders,” said Trek Bicycle’s Bob Burns, Director of Advocacy. “We’ve supported NICA throughout the years and have seen first-hand the physical and psychological benefits cycling can have on today’s youth, so the Pathfinders Scholarship is a natural next step as we seek to make cycling more inclusive and reflective of our country’s diversity.”

NICA is an American non-profit organization that promotes middle and high school mountain biking in the United States.

“Trek has been a long-standing partner of NICA and their commitment to broadening access to mountain biking for all youth aligns with our mission, vision and values.” said association President, Steve Matous. “NICA is committed to inclusivity, equity and diversity across all our programs and we are excited to have Trek join us in this commitment.”

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During the past year, the biking industry has seen a “bike boom” with certain categories like mountain biking tripling in growth and a wave of newfound interest in cycling as Americans retreat to the outdoors for exercise, mental health and solace. Additionally, mountain biking is seeing a large increase in student participation as the sport inspires confidence and a love for the outdoors.

Last year, Trek Bicycle announced its “All In” plan, which detailed steps toward racial equity, including the company’s commitment to helping get more kids on bikes by expanding the NICA program to more young riders with diverse backgrounds who are interested in participating in the sport.
Through the Pathfinders Scholarship, up to 250 kids from underrepresented backgrounds will be provided the bike, gear, funding and resources needed to succeed. Trek is dedicated to making the kids of NICA the future of cycling through the Pathfinders Scholarship. Anyone interested in referring a rider should visit: