ReCircled Acquires Circlarity

ReCircled LLC, a Denver-based industrial sustainability company serving the textile, apparel and footwear sector, announced the acquisition of Circlarity LLC, a digital sustainability intelligence technology company.

ReCircled provides the infrastructure for the circular economy by facilitating apparel and footwear brands’ transition to a sustainable, fully circular business model. Built around a partnership between the brand and the consumer, this model enables a closed-loop reuse cycle. Merchandise is produced, used and returned to be reconditioned and remade or recycled, then re-introduced into the consumer market, extending product life cycles and reducing pollution and waste.

Circlarity technology allows brands to implement, manage and monitor retail consumer return programs. By using Circlarity’s interface, consumers enjoy a convenient and engaging sustainability experience, where each consumer return is trackable, reportable and meaningful.

Brands have full visibility into all sustainability activity and behavior of their customers, real-time data about sustainability that supports brand value and reputation and a marketing narrative that reinforces environmental stewardship. Circlarity is the only technology of its type available in the marketplace.

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Industry sustainability and public responsibility will play a key role in moving apparel and footwear away from current business practices of mass production and waste. ReCircled is the turnkey solution for apparel and footwear brands to make this transition and enter the circular economy.